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  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP has the power to change reality and bring innovation to the most diverse areas, causing economies to grow and more opportunities arise. I am an entrepreneur. And you?

  • LEADERSHIP is one of the great skills that someone who wants to change the world needs to have. I work hard to exercise my leadership every day in everything I'm involved.

  • WRITE is one of the ways I have found to put order in the ideas bubbling in my head. Writing also helps me in the study process. I usually write about everything I'm studying and this has helped me a lot.

  • READ gives me the power to go further and see the world from a different perspective from mine. I read everything and do not spend a single day without reading something (article, book, ebook, etc ..). In my GitHub has a repository only with books and ebooks I have ever read.

  • STUDY shows me that I always have something new to learn and I should never stay in my comfort zone. I love to study and know that every day I know a little bit more than the previous day.

  • Knowing how to CODE is like having super powers. And I believe that I have powers to create awesome things and share to world.

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